GrooveFunnels Vs. InfluencerSoft

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A lot of my friends are asking me about these two amazing products or platforms in Internet Marketing space between GrooveFunnels and InfluencerSoft. So, I will try to list some of the key features of both systems. I may not be able to list them all as there’s so much.

Just to be totally transparent, I have no affiliations or whatsoever on both of these systems, it’s just so happened that I have an access to both them. So here you go.


Groove Funnels

Influencer Soft

Access/PriceFree (For scaled down version) Get It Here FREE$1 30-Day Trial for the full version of the system.Try It Here for $1
Price for Full Version$1397 One-Time (Limited Time) Get Lifetime Access Here$497 One-Time (During Launch) Get It One Time Pay For Lifetime Access
Funnel Builder
Membership System
Ecommerce (Robust Stand Alone full blown like Shopify) (Simple system for digital and physical products)
Physical product suppliers/dropshippers
Built-in Webinar
Affiliate System
Product Marketplace
App Store (For Add-ons Developers)
API Integration
Free Training/Supports
Drag and Drop Web Builder
Survey System
Help Desk System
Video Hosting/Player
Social Proof
Sell Online Courses (Like Udemy)
Existing Shopify Store Importer
AliExpress Integration

Boy oh boy! There’s so much more to cover but at least I was able to show you the key features that might help you decide which system you are going to use for your internet business.

Bottom line GrooveFunnel has a huge advantage over InfluencerSoft in terms of features but since the former is still in a BETA stage (at least some of the features) you should expect some bugs along the way. That’s the main reason why GrooveFunnels is offering One Off fee for the entire system for lifetime access. It’s more like a reward for early adaptors or investors if you will.

Just REGISTER for FREE to Watch Tutorials and other Valuable Courses!

InfluencerSoft however, it is a fully functional system but it is newly launched so there might be some hiccups along the way just like every software who knows right?

Here’s a demo video for InfluencerSoft:

Try InfluercerSoft fo a Month for Just $1 To Test Drive The System.

If you want an affordable, simple automation system and not thinking of expanding big on ecom business then InfluencerSoft is recommended. But if you are heavy user of Shopify and you have a lot of digital products and planning to develop more in the near future at the same time you hated paying monthly fees then GrooveFunnels is for you. Or You can even have them both it’s your call.



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